1. T

    338-06 A square vs 338-06 AI

    Howdy all, I have a rem 700 long action and a 1-10” twist 338 blank I’m planning on getting put together before this fall. Jus curious what some of your thoughts/ideas regarding which to go with… resizing A square from 30-06 brass just seems easier. Any benefits of the AI that would come into...
  2. sheffe

    338-06 Ackley - High Tech Customs

    Built by Rich Riley - High tech customs in Colorado Spring. Chamber - 338-06 AI Win Model 70 fluted bolt (post 64 Push) 24" Lilja fluted barrel (light contour) with muzzle break Action and barrel cerekoted flat black (like leupold mat black) light carbon stock -Legendary Arms (LAW - Formerly...