1. Adipose

    Redding 30 Nosler Dies

    Brand new Redding 30 Nosler two die set (Full length sizer and seater die). $60 TYD
  2. Adipose

    Redding 30 Nosler Die Set

    Brand new never used 30 Nosler two die set (Full length sizer and seater die). Link to where the set was purchased below $65 TYD https://www.midwayusa.com/product/101244296?pid=860917
  3. Adipose

    SOLD/EXPIRED Peterson 30 Nosler Brass

    150 Pieces of New unfired Peterson 30 Nosler brass. 4 pieces were used as dummy rounds to have a reamer made, the bullets have been pulled so will need neck sized, other 146 pieces are brand new. These were split up from a bulk order so there is no ammo boxes, all are sealed in vacuum sealed...
  4. Adipose

    SOLD/EXPIRED JGS Finish Reamer 30 Nosler

    Just received this reamer and Go Gauge I ordered from JGS Precision. I ended up going a different direction on the build I had this reamer planned for. The freebore is .1980 which was based off a 215gr Berger seated at the Neck/Shoulder junction. $395 Shipped/OBO for both Reamer and Go...
  5. sierracharlie338

    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS #38 or 5 shell holder

    I am dire need of a #38 or #5 shell holder so I can start loading for my 30 Nosler. Went to size some brass yesterday and realized that I don't have the right size shell holder. Any help is greatly appreciated. Obviously I am willing to pay for part and shipping. Thank you, SC