30mm scope rings

  1. ncfireman83

    Looking to trade for 30mm lows

    I have 2 sets of Warne rings to choose from, brand new never used in original packaging. Looking to trade for for 30mm lows. Left: Warne Maxima 30mm Med (514M) Right: Warne Mountain Tech 1” Med (7201M)
  2. D

    KEN FERRELL 30mm low steel rings

    Hey guys I have 2 pair of Ken Farrell low rings .. we thinned some of our scopes and I have these left over .. they are $169 new these in excellent condition, no stripping, marred screws or screw heads $110 per set shipped
  3. lilharcher

    Near Alphamount for R700 L/A

    If you know, you know…..Near Manufacturing are the best of the best scope mounts. Craftsmanship and tolerance are always on point. This Alphamount is like new, for a 30mm scope, and has a 20 MOA cant. Comes with all mounting screws. Will not leave scope rings on your 2k+ scope. Retail is...