30mm low rings

  1. T

    Hawkins Long Range Hybrids- New, never opened.

    30 mm, low height (0.5"), 25MOA, Long action for stiller and lone peak. $115 Shipped. Willing to trade for a 34mm picatinny style ring (needs bubble level). Call or text 406-589-2648 Thanks!
  2. redchinviking

    Hawkins Hybrid Rings 700 30mm, 34, tikka 30mm

    I have three sets of Hawkins Hybrid 25 moa low rings for sale as follows: Remington 700 30mm lows long action (new in box) $125 Remington 700 34mm lows long action (only shot twenty rounds through rifle) $125 Tikka 30mm lows (never shot only mounted rings were too low) $125 SOLD All rings...
  3. D

    KEN FERRELL 30mm low steel rings

    Hey guys I have 2 pair of Ken Farrell low rings .. we thinned some of our scopes and I have these left over .. they are $169 new these in excellent condition, no stripping, marred screws or screw heads $110 per set shipped