1. R

    AR10 - can 6.5CM and 308Win uppers use same lower (buffer/spring)?

    built an AR10 last year, and have 2 uppers - 308win and 6.5CM. probably only have a hundred rounds or so through each upper. 308win upper cycles pretty reliably, but more trouble with jamming on the 6.5CM upper. question - am I trying to do something that won't work (i.e. - common lower...
  2. adams

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300wsm switch barrel

    Built by West Texas Ordnance The first barrel is a 20”, 300wsm proof research 1:10 sendero light w/ PVA UL jetblast muzzle break Second barrel is a 18”, 308win proof research 1:10 sendero with WTO flush 3 port muzzle break Rem 700 action trued by WTO and cerakoted battle worn titanium. Talley...