.308 win

  1. Skullcandy33

    6.5 Creed / .308 win reloading die set

    Selling a brand new 6.5 creedmoor die set $50 shipped Hardly used Rcbs 15501 .308 die set $40 shipped Can do PayPal or postal money order
  2. Fatboy1970

    New to Group, got a .308 question

    Hey guys. New member. Been reading post here for a couple years. Finally joined the group. Thanks for the info you provide. Have a reloading question. New to reloading, just a couple years in. My .308 shoots 175 SMK's very well. Never used it for hunting until this year. Having trouble finding a...
  3. BigBuck74

    Steyr SSG 69 McMillan Sniper (Special Run)

    Up for sale is my Steyr SSG 69 PII .308 with a factory Steyr McMillan stock. There was a military over run for a short time and very few of these were available to public. I believe you can order one now for your steyr but the stock will cost over a grand and 1yr wait. This was factory issue on...
  4. adams

    Superformance in a .308?

    Anyone try superformance in a .308 yet? I picked the forums brain if you will on a lighter weight (sub 150gr) 308 win load to get more velocity and now im wondering about using superformance powder. I’ve got a couple pounds of it but have never tried it yet. It’s also available quite a bit...
  5. Skullcandy33

    SOLD/EXPIRED 30 cal Sierra Matchking Bullets 210, 175 gr

    I have 2 boxes of Sierra matchking bullets. 210 gr Hpbt 50 count $55 shipped 175 gr Hpbt 50 count $55 shipped
  6. BigBuck74

    NIghtforce NXS 3.5-15x50 Velocity 1000 LV.5 Zero Stop MOA #C393

    **I have had a lot of interest in just the rifle, so if you are interested in making me an offer on just the scope, please feel free** It is a remarkable set up, everything new. It is a unfired in the original box Remington 700 Police sniper .308 rifle from 1993mnf.. These early rifles are...