.308 win

  1. BigBuck74

    For Sale Steyr SSG 69 McMillan Sniper (Special Run)

    Up for sale is my Steyr SSG 69 PII .308 with a factory Steyr McMillan stock. There was a military over run for a short time and very few of these were available to public. I believe you can order one now for your steyr but the stock will cost over a grand and 1yr wait. This was factory issue on...
  2. adams

    Superformance in a .308?

    Anyone try superformance in a .308 yet? I picked the forums brain if you will on a lighter weight (sub 150gr) 308 win load to get more velocity and now im wondering about using superformance powder. I’ve got a couple pounds of it but have never tried it yet. It’s also available quite a bit...
  3. Skullcandy33

    SOLD/EXPIRED 30 cal Sierra Matchking Bullets 210, 175 gr

    I have 2 boxes of Sierra matchking bullets. 210 gr Hpbt 50 count $55 shipped 175 gr Hpbt 50 count $55 shipped
  4. BigBuck74

    NIghtforce NXS 3.5-15x50 Velocity 1000 LV.5 Zero Stop MOA #C393

    **I have had a lot of interest in just the rifle, so if you are interested in making me an offer on just the scope, please feel free** It is a remarkable set up, everything new. It is a unfired in the original box Remington 700 Police sniper .308 rifle from 1993mnf.. These early rifles are...