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    For Sale LPR 300 Norma

    Back up on the chopping block. $3900 Exact round count unknown. I’ve put less than 30 down the barrel. The previous owner was a lefty and said he didn’t shoot it much. Previous owner to him is Jake (owner) at unknown munitions. Jake did load development and it shoots great. I have some of the...
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    For Sale Desert Tech SRS A-1 300 Norma Mag

    SRS A1 300 Norma SRS A1 Gen 2 blk-blk with a 23in barrel from SAC. Round count is 137 and it is in like-new condition. I hunt only so never more than 3 shots at a time. Not interested in breaking this package up as this is a ready-to-hunt package with dies & brass. Accuracy is everything you...
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    26” 300 Norma Custom

    I had posted just this rifles' barrel for sale earlier on snipershide but have since changed my mind and would rather sell it complete to put towards a 33XC chassis build. ***bare rifle as pictured weighs 8lbs 4.8oz*** - Kelbly Atlas Tactical Lapua - Manners EH1 swamp camo - 26" Proof carbon...