300 wm

  1. SkunkedAgain

    Copycat Barnes Vor-TX 300 WM 150 TTSX

    Howdy All, Working on making a copycat load for my father-in-law. He shoots Barnes VOR-TX, 150 gr TTSX out of his 300 WM. He hadn't found any in a while so I thought Id try my hand at making something similar, if not the same. Muzzle velocity is 3285 fps from the factory rounds. Hopefully...
  2. WesternTX

    300 WM - 4 boxes of Hornady Precision Hunter 200gr ELDX

    4 boxes (77 rounds) all from the same lot of hornady precision 300WM 200gr ELDX rounds for sale. My gun didnt like them, but yours may! $200, local pick up/meet up in Houston/Texas Gulf Coast regional area, or you pay hazmat and shipping.
  3. WesternTX

    Hornady Precision Hunter 300 WM 200gr ELDX - 4 boxes - $200

    4 boxes (77 rounds) of hornady precision 300WM 200gr ELDX rounds for sale. My gun didnt like them, but yours may! $200, local pick up/meet up in Houston/Texas Gulf Coast regional area, or you pay hazmat and shipping.
  4. charliehorse27

    300 WM starter pack - Peterson brass, Nosler bullets, Berger bullets, etc.

    Getting out of the 300 WM game, and selling off some of the remaining caliber-related things I have. 1 opened box of Peterson long-headspace brass. Unfired, prepped with a 307 mandrel, and chamfered - $SOLD Nosler 180 gr Accubond bullets: 1 box of 50, plus 36 (9 pulled) for a total of 86...
  5. charliehorse27

    SOLD/EXPIRED Redding Type S Match 300 WM die set

    Clearing out the 300 WM stuff and have some dies to sell off. They don't come with any bushings. Dies in good condition, and function well. Redding Type S Match full-length die set (sizer and micrometer seater) - $175 shipped
  6. charliehorse27

    Seekins Precision Havak PH1 300WM

    For sale is a Seekins Precision Havak PH1 chambered in 300 WM. The rifle has a 26" barrel, and throated for the big heavy 30 cal bullets. It comes with a front rail and a factory-installed Seekins 20 MOA rail. It also comes with a Seekins ATC muzzle brake. The brake came on a rifle I just...
  7. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Unopened Federal Premium 300WM Brass

    I have 3 unopened bags (50 piece) of Federal Premium 300WM brass. I am asking for $45 per bag or $120 for all three. I am selling them because I decided on going a different route. Please feel free to message me with any questions you might have.
  8. T

    Picking My .300 WM Scope

    Hey there, Long time shooter, but just getting my first bolt gun for hunting season (and some 500+ yard shooting for fun) Picked up a Bergara B-14 HMR in .300 WM My question revolves around my scope choice. I understand there are a plethora of great scopes to be had in the $700-1,000 range...
  9. charliehorse27

    Advice interpreting a ladder test result

    Good morning everyone, I watch and read quite a bit of the forums on here and perhaps you all can give me an idea of what I’m looking at. I have a Seekins Precision Havak PH1 in 300 WM that I’ve had trouble finding a suitable load for. Using the Berger 215 Hybrids, load length tests showed it...
  10. J

    Remington 700 Sendero 300 win mag w/ a blued and fluted barrel (first generation)

    I have an excellent condition first generation Remington 700 Sendero 300 win mag w/ a fluted barrel. C prefix action with a Barrel date code AO (March 1994). I bought it for my collection and shot about 60 rounds through it. It was unfired when I bought it. It was well taken care of and has...
  11. M

    WTB 300WM Mantha Reamer

    Im looking to buy or rent a good condition preferably JGS 300WM Rhian Mantha spec reamer.
  12. Mc Fraser

    Q&A: 300 WM with 210 gr VLD Hunting Project

    Hi Everyone, I thought I might share my rabbit hole project with the community and get some useful advice in return. Len asked me (and everyone else for that matter) to introduce myself and what better way than to share my story. Me: Avid hunter with 5 years experience, first hunting season...
  13. hseII

    Fluting a barrel after it had been threaded

    Hello, I purchased a new Bartlein 30 cal 1:10 sendero barrel based on the input from a local smith that the barrel could be fluted after the rifle was assembled & 0 degrees established. I’m sure someone has done this previously. I am more accustomed to barrels being relieved by the barrel...
  14. C

    300 WM with Berger 210 grain VLD and IMR 4350

    I have a new 300 WM with a 26 inch barrel with 1:9 twist and 0.160 of free bore. I am in need of advice on a load to start with. I will be using 4350 powder and Berger 210 grain VLD bullets. My COAL to touch the lands is around 3.640 in. by my measurements with a Hornady OAL gauge but when I...
  15. FURMAN

    300 Win Mag brass

    I have 190 Black Hills match 1X fired. It is very consistent around 215 grains I believe it is Norma. $110 Shipped 118 pc new WW brass weight sorted to 237-238 grains. $85.00 shipped 119pc new WW brass weight sorted to 239-240 grains. $85.00 shipped The Winchester brass is very good brass...