300 blackout

  1. ddman

    SOLD/EXPIRED Safe Clean Out, Remington 700, AR-15, Nightforce

    I went through my safe today and need to unload some of the guns I haven’t shot in a while. 1st Remington 700 SPS Tactical 300 AAC Blackout w/ Nikon P-300 blackout 2-7x32 bdc super-sub reticle. Less than rounds down the tube. Mostly subs. SOLD 2nd H&R AAC Handi-rifle 16” 300 Blackout...
  2. E

    Remington 700 300 blackout pistol

    I was planning on going to back to Arizona for javelina H.A.M. hunt, and plans changed. A precision bolt action backpack pistol is a lot of fun, but I'm in need of another optic. Bolt action pistol. Professionally assembled and headspaced on a Remington 700 virgin action. Remage style barrel...
  3. JRKFirearms

    300 Blackout vs 7.62x39 at 1000 Yards

    300 AAC Blackout
  4. JRKFirearms

    300 Blackout vs 7.62x39 at 1000 Yards

    Using an AR15