30 cal

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    .30 Cal Selection

    All, I have a selection between a gunwerks clymer 30 nosler (22” barrel) and a gunwerks Magnus 300prc (23” barrel). The 30nos will be 8lbs 4oz where the Magnus will be 10lb 3oz (both fully loaded). l plan to be hunting anything from sheep to moose with it up here in Canada. If you were to...
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    Savage 110 High Country

    I’ve been wanting a nice factory gun in 30-06 for a while now and nothing has seemed to catch my eye. But the new Savage has really caught it. Does anyone have any experience with this model, I know the 100 line up has been around since the 50’s, but I’m looking for reviews or personal...
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    Vote. Favorite caliber for whitetail deer

    I was curious of what caliber is the favorite for white tail deer hunting. Thank you!
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    30cal Berger Hunting VLD 210gr 2 boxes

    I have 2- 100 round boxes of Berger 210 Hunting VLDs. One box was opened but never used. Looking to get $55 per box shipped in the lower 48.