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    SOLD/EXPIRED 156 once fired mixed cases for 30-30 Winchester

    For sale is 156 once fired mixed cases for 30-30 Winchester. PPU, A USA, Browning headstamps for example. Cases were decapped and tumbled in stainless media. All boxer primer pockets. $55 shipped. $45 if you pick up from me here in Maricopa AZ. First I will take it followed by a pm, contact...
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    30-30 contender and Hammers?

    Greetings from Az, friends! I have a Contender Super 14 30-30, looking for any advice from anybody that’s loaded for it, particularly with Hammer Bullets. I was so impressed with them in my 358 Norma that I can’t hardly steer away from them. Ive got Varget, H4350, H4831, cfr223, and probably...