1. TargetSportsUSA

    New Blog Post: The Ultimate Hunting Checklist for Success, Savings, and Safety!

  2. Frog4aday

    CMP Warning - .30/06 Ammo & M1 Garands, 1903s, and 1903A3s

    I just got this e-mail from the CMP today regarding the use of .30-06 ammo in M1 Garands, 1903s, and 1903A3s. Basically, don't hot rod your ammo and be careful what factory ammo you run through them.
  3. BigBuck74

    Weatherby MkV Ultralight .30-06 $575.00 shipped!!

    Up for sale is a like new Weatherby Mark V Synthetic Ultralight Mountain rifle in .30-06. It has a synthetic stock, 6 locking lugs, matte blued finish, 24" barrel, 60 degree bolt throw and it carries a set of Leupold Quick release bases and rings. ***SCOPE HAS BEEN SOLD*** Do not confuse...