1. CanisLupus

    SOLD/EXPIRED *Price Reduced* Hammer .284/177gr + bonus 169gr sample pack

    $65 shipped; PayPal F&F or Venmo preferred. Open to other payment options if needed. Hammer Hunter 177 gr: 50-ct, box opened but bullets unaltered. Plus, bonus Hammer Hunter 169 gr 15-ct sample pack.
  2. jwolff

    SOLD/EXPIRED .284/7mm Barnes and Bergers

    New unopened boxes! The picture should say it all, but either or both are up for grabs. Barnes LRX 168gr 40$ Berger EOL 195gr 60$ Price is to your door. PayPal/Venmo
  3. hseII

    .284 Hornady Brass & .284 Shehane Whidden Dies

    149 pieces of new never fired .284 brass- $190 shipped in CONUS, OBO Whidden New .284/7mm SHEHANE Click ADJ FL bushing sizer & seater set- $250 shipped in CONUS, OBO
  4. J

    McGuire Ballistics 168 Copper Rose

    I want to start by saying that I have never been a copper bullet guy, I have always shot cup and core lead bullets and never really had any intentions of going away from that. Recently I came across these McGuire Ballistics Copper Rose bullets and I saw the great BC and they caught my attention...

    Barnes TTSX 7mm 140gr.

    Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X Lead Free 7mm Caliber .284" Diameter 140 Grain Solid Copper Polymer Tip Boat Tail I have 3 boxes sealed - 50 pieces $50 a box shipped.
  6. hseII

    Multiple Components., 284 Brass & Dies, 7mm & 30 cal projectiles

    I’ve accumulated a few things that I don’t see using now & I’d like to pass them on. .284 Hornady Brass- $160- or $50/box plus shipping. (3) boxes https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1021879957?pid=426170 .284 Shehane Widden Dies- $225 https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1019750486?pid=744298...
  7. StanB

    7mm Nosler 175gr AccuBond LR Bullets (qty 220)

    I have 2 boxes of 100, and 1 partial box with 20 looking for a home. $110 total for the lot, including shipping. (Midway's price is $60 per 100). Thanks for looking. StanB
  8. IdahoHunter208

    Custom Rifle Help: 7mm Cartridge Decision and BDL choice

    I just purchased a sweet little custom setup and need some help figuring out what 7mm/.284 cartridge I want to chamber my rifle in and what bottom metal to do. Specs: Action: BigHorn SR3 Long Action Magnum BF. Wyatts cut Stock: Manners EH1 inlet for Bartlein 3B contour, Hawkins BDL cutout...