1. 8x68s


    This L61R in 280 AI is admittedly a little bit of a mutt as it is a L61R in an AV stock. I took the AV action and made a "long ranger" out of it and put the 22" barrel (rechambered from 280 to 280AI) on this L61R action and into the AV stock. You can see the adaptation in the picture of the rear...
  2. Briant_az

    SOLD/EXPIRED 30cal LRX bullets and Redding 300RUM dies

    All sold. Thank you.
  3. N

    Quick load request

    Quick question for a generous soul with access to quick load; making a final decision on a rebarrel for a nula, trying to decide which caliber. The barrel has been purchased and is a 22” 1-8” twist Douglas premium. Plan on only shooting barnes 145 and 168 lrx. Can someone please run 4 trials...
  4. Justice1327

    SOLD/EXPIRED 280AI dies f/ 40d shoulder

    Hello I’m looking to buy some competition match or ultra dies for 280 Ackley improved. Redding S match, Forester or Whidden clickable dies preferred. Need those that use bushings and have a competition seater die.
  5. Mc Fraser

    New built input required

    Hello all, I have a Tikka T3 chambered in 270 Win that I want to rebarrel and build a rifle suitable for sheep hunting. The caliber has to be something wildly available (no wildcats), I fancy 280AI and 6.5mm-284 but I do prefer 280AI because I can easily shoot the 155gr Hammer. I want a 22in...
  6. Bob Wright

    Need a Smith to build a SAAMI 280AI

    "Need recommendations on a Smith to put together a SAAMI spec 280AI." I have chosen a custom builder. Thanks for all the advice and time giving me great info and leads. Tough decision with all the talented people across 'Merica.