1. F

    Bullets .277

    I no longer have my Win .270 so I need to move these also. I only hunted deer w the rifle. But the 140 spbt over RL-22 is devastating. 40 pc - Nosler (original) Partition 130 gr 43 pc - Hornandy 150 gr round nose 55 pc - Sierra Pro-Hunter 130 gr @90 pc - Hornandy 140 gr SPBT (Midway...
  2. Floundertrap

    WTB .277 cal Matrix 165 and 175gn Hunting Bullets

    I'm looking to buy 165gn and 175gn matrix hunting bullets in .277 (.270). Partial boxes welcome. I'll be running a 270wsm on an AB2 long action with a 28" brux 8-twist bbl. I'm open to other overbore bullets you may have as well. I have the 170 Berger EOL hunters already.