.270 wsm

  1. BigBuck74

    Bansner "Ultimate Ovis" Sheep Rifle Unfired SCI gun of the year!!

    I have decided to sell my Bansner Ultimate Ovis Sheep rifle SCI gun of the year. For those of you not in the know about Mark Bansner, he builds the most beautiful sheep rifles you can own. Every detail about this rifle speaks class with nothing spared. This rifle was purchased at the SCI show...
  2. Ovis Spotter

    .25 Saum in Southern California

    I've been reading through threads here for a while and finally getting around to joining. I really appreciate all the knowledge I've gleaned from the members here. I'm a fan of fast flat shooting rifles, my go to rifle for the last 10 years is a .270 WSM built on a 700 SA, I also have a .300...