.257 wby

  1. J

    257 Weatherby rebarrel

    I have a weatherby backcountry 2.0 in 257 Wby and hate how it shoots. I love how it feels and its so nice to have a lightweight option to carry deer hunting. Copper buildup and and large groups leave a lot to be desired. Considering rebarreling it with a bartlein 2B. Do you think the 2B will...
  2. CMDR Kibo

    SOLD/EXPIRED .257 Weatherby Mag Brass

    FOR SALE: Sold ! 4 boxes of .257 Weatherby Mag brass made by Norma in original boxes. 2 Boxes virgin brass 2 boxes 1 x fired: (1)- 20 count and (1)- 16 count Selling altogether - $74 shipped. Payment: PayPal gift/F&F FCFS