1. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 25-06

    I have a Remington 700 Long Range 25-05 for sale. It is new unfired. (This rifle is in not a RemArms) Comes with: 26 in barrel with a 1-10 twist rate Duracoated coyote tan Remington trigger (replaced the X-Mark Pro) 20 moa rail MC3 stock Magpal bottom metal with 1 5 round magazine KRG bolt...
  2. Gale Johnson

    FS Redding Hornady Forster Dies

    Redding 458 Win Mag #80208 $75 Redding 280 Rem #84142 Full Length Sizer, Neck Sizer and Seater $100 Hornady 338 Win Mag $50 Hornady 25-06 Rem $50 Forster 220 Swift Full Length Sizer, Neck Sizer and Seater $75 payment by check, certified check, or Money Order and shipping will be actual cost...
  3. Nomad8961

    New to the forum

    Hey everyone, Im new to the forum and also happen to be building a 6.5x284 and also sprucing up a savage 110 tactical in 25-06 amoung other things sitting in my safe. Any good info on either one would be appreciated. Also newish to reloading. So anyways, glad to have alot if info from the forum...
  4. P

    25-06 fast twist results

    Finally got the 26 inch 1:8 twist 25-06 back from the smith. I got out to break it in and test some reloads today. I used the new Enduron imr 8133 with powder magnum primers. The bullets are 121 hammer hunters unless cutting edge is listed the cutting edge are the 115 grain cutting edge MTH. I...
  5. David Martin

    Working load for 25-06 with 117 SP & H414

    I worked up a good accurate load with H414/W760 and 117gr jsp for 25-06. Seems that 42gr is a little light but 43.1-43.4 H414 with a OAL of 3.155 all were all in the 1" +/- range.Clean burn with a Winchester LR primer, and brass shows no signs pressure or sutting. Test rifle was a Remington 700...
  6. 257 Blackjack

    257 Blackjack - business account for BlackjackBullets.com

    While I may post from my other personal account Dollarhyde from my phone, I will likely answer everything from this 257 Blackjack account regarding our high BC 25 Caliber bullets, the 131 grain ACE, our 25x47 and 25 Creedmoor chambering Reamers from Manson and JGS, and our selection of barrel...
  7. D

    Ruger No. 1 25-06

    Ruger No. 1, 25-06 in very good condition. 24" barrel and includes a Leupold VXII 3-9X50 scope and Ruger rings. $1150 shipped and insured CONUS. Trades considered.