1. C

    Load data - 75 grain Barnes X 243 Winchester

    Hi all. WARNING - this is not pressure tested data. Additionally, DO NOT BE STUPID LIKE ME and move up in 1 grain increments in such a small case capacity. I had a brain fart and treated this 243 like the belted magnums I’ve been loading lately…bone head move. But I just thought I’d share...
  2. Fisher T&C

    SOLD/EXPIRED McGowan Stainless Blanks $170

    I'm selling 3 McGowan unturned stainless barrel blanks for $170 each shipped or $470 for all 3. The blanks are 28" length and 1.250" diameter, each one weighs just over 9 pounds and all are button rifled and lapped free of tooling marks. Shipped UPS Ground, PP, Venmo,USPS Money Order or...
  3. dfitz7604

    R700 in 243

    Hello all. I have an older Remington 700 in 243. Action is smooth and shoots the Hornady full boar ammo under an inch. Scope is not included. $600 obo. It is listed locally as well. My number is 8309315611 that is the easiest way for me to communicate.
  4. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Berger 6mm 87 gr VLD Hunting

    For sale are three boxes of the Berger 6mm 87 gr VLD Hunting bullets. Brand new, and same lot. $100 shipped for all three.
  5. Doghunter23

    Son's First Buck

    My oldest got his first Buck this weekend at 6 years old. He made a perfect top of the heart shot at 305 Yards with my custom 243 shooting Nosler 85 Gr partitions. I was ranging and calling out the adjustments. The buck just took about 3 jumps and tipped over tail just spinning! Lots of...
  6. 3warbird

    Short barrelled suppressed

    Anyone here shooting a shorter barrelled suppressed rifle for coyotes and or whitetail? Please reply with details and pics if possible. Building a 18in m24 contour fluted and threaded 243 win, Manners folder, on a trued 700 action. Just looking for guidance from the ones already running this...