1. RavenRocksPrecision

    new Norma 22 PPC Brass - $48.95 / 50 ct

    We have brand new Norma 22 PPC brass in stock for $48.95 for 50 pieces. We have a lot of customers who neck this up to 6 PPC and/or neck it down to 20 PPC. Once it's gone, it'll be gone for a while. We've also heard that Lapua 220 Russian is drying up...
  2. badthirtyone

    220 Russian Sako NIB - sell or trade

    Want to sell or trade 199 New-in-box 220 Russian - Sako brass. Use as 220 Russian or fire-form to .22 PPC, 6mm PPC and the 6.5mm Grendel Will ship as shown in photos, complete with plastic boxes. Would prefer trades for .264 Nosler ABLR 142 gr bullets. I'll take "unicorn dust" as well...