223 rem

  1. aeroyote

    Two .223 Accuracy International Magazines

    Asking $60 each.
  2. RavenRocksPrecision

    New Norma 223 Remington Brass (unprimed) - $80 off - $289.50 / 1000ct - free shipping

    *Flash Sale* More unprimed norma 223 Remington brass is in stock! This norma brass has the year stamp on the headstamp, and was originally designated for a government contract. It's made in Sweden and is one of our most popular items. Save $80 when buying 1000 ct (for a limited time) Free...
  3. N

    Making semi custom varminting gun for same price as budget gun

    Hi im very new so try not to be to harsh also let me know if this is the wrong place to be posting this. The problem is i have very tight budget and I would like to get a gun for varminting (223 because of ammo cost) with decent accuracy lets say 1 moa or less preferably. It is not easy where i...
  4. LVJ76

    Best twist rate on a 223 bolt action rifle.

    I have a some bullets in .224 caliber that I will be using on a 223 Rem bolt action rifle. These bullets are mostly light weight varmint and match bullets that need a slow twist rate, but I want to be able to use higher weight bullets like let's say a 70gr Accubond or maybe a 60gr partition or...
  5. H

    CZ 527 Varmint w/ Bell and Carlson Stock and SWFA SS scope

    I have CZ 527 Varmint in 223 Rem for sale. It has a 24", 1:9 twist, varmint barrel. This rifle has the CZ Single Set Trigger (SST) set at 1lbs. It has a 5 round detachable magazine and it feeds flawlessly. It has been bedded into a Bell and Carlson fiberglass stock with an alumnum bedding block...