223 reloading

  1. Edsguns

    Remington CDL .223 Accuracy

    Hi, new member here from gun fruendky connecticut. I have been working up loads for the above for some time now. Currently using winchester brass with CCI primer and 24.5 grains varget behind 50 grain hornady varmint Vmax bullets. Chrono'd at 3100 fps. Best accuracy I can get is .85" at 100...
  2. LVJ76

    AR-15 Reloading questions

    I have an AR in 223/5.56, it has a 16" barrel with a 1:7 twist and I want to start reloading to hunt Javelinas and Coyotes.l with it. I was recommended to use the 223 Small Base Die so I got one and I have some fireformed Hornady brass for it. I see the reloading manuals have options to reload...