1. James Runner

    SOLD/EXPIRED FS/FT custom built 10/22

    Mapgpul fde stock Kidd stainless bolt Kidd stainless charging handle Bx trigger group with kidd internals tuned to 1.5lbs Fedderson 16in fluted, threaded black barrel Black 10/22 reciever. Leupold 2-7x33 Leupold Rimfire scope. $1000 buys it all $800 minus scope Trade for Leupold VX5 HD or VX6 HD
  2. P

    .22 recommendation to practice long range

    I'm a firm believer in "everything you need to learn can be done with a .22". I'm getting back into shooting and learning to shoot long range. I read with interest an article about shooting an egg at 200 yard. After doing a little more reading I saw that the CZ 455 varmint was a good choice...
  3. I

    SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for .22 lr CCI velocitor bulk ammunition

    I am looking for .22 CCI velocitor 40 gr. bulk ammunition, upto 5000 rds, perhaps more.