22 nosler

  1. Buffalobwana

    22 Nosler

    Because I don’t already have enough calibers to load and shoot, I decided to buy a 16” AR, Noveske, 22 Nosler barrel (1:7 twist), 200 rounds Nosler 53 gr and 200 pieces of brass. I have plenty of different.22 cal bullets, so I’m ok on that, but I’m curious who loads this, what bullet/powder is...
  2. michael.mule66

    22 NXS 22 Hagar AR-15 Barrel

    18” 22 NXS. Rifle length gas. I built 24” for more speed. Uses necked down 6 Hagar brass and 6.8spc bolt face. 22 nos will not shoot in this chamber. Holds a few gns more powder. Has about 150 down the tube. Shoots 3/4 with 53 vmax at 3400, or 3100 with 73 elds. Minute of a coyote. I’ll take...
  3. J

    Custom 22 Nosler mini 14

    Fully custom mini 14 22Nosler. Stainless 24” 1:8 twist . It’s fully bedded including pillars. As shown in pictures it shoots half moa. The 77 gr Nosler and 69 gr Nosler shoot .53” at 100 yards. The gun has 300 rounds down the barrel. It has been kept very clean and well taken care of. It...