1. Alex Genereux

    West Central MN Primer & Powder Sale

    Selling 4k Federal 215m primers $125/1k - one of the boxes has 10 primers used. - 1k sold Selling 2k cci 200 primers $90/1k Powder 3 lb N560 2 recently opened but none used $40/lb 1 lb n565 $45 2 lb reloader 23 $50/lb 2 lb h4350 $45/lb - 1lb sold 1 lb h1000 $45 1 lb h4831sc $35 - sold I can’t...
  2. Overbore 28

    RL26 and H1000 for trade

    I have (2) 1lb bottles of H1000 and (2) 1lb bottles of RL26 i will trade for Fed 215M primers. Located in western Wisconsin. In person trade only and only interested in primers from the same lot.
  3. Howland

    SOLD/EXPIRED SPF - H4350 sealed 8lb jug, F2F only Greenville SC area

    I have one sealed jug of H4350 that I bought when planning an AR10 build. I ended up going .308 so I don't have a use for it. Only BIN on GB is $700 (updated 2/1). GB is crazy but I'm not. I'd prefer to trade for things I could use but I would take cash. Current GB bids are $300 w/ 6+ days left...
  4. Blaster01

    Will trade federal 210m or 215m for small rifle primers

    In need of some small rifle primers. I have 800 each of federal 210m and 215m primers I would trade for an equal amount of cci 400,450 or br4, or even federal small rifle primers. I’m located in Salem Oregon but travel to Chehalis wa weekly. Also could talk about shipping which I will pay for...