215 berger

  1. Adipose

    SOLD/EXPIRED 215gr Berger Hybrid Target

    I have two 250 count boxes of sealed 215 Berger Hybrid Target(Different Lot #'s). $300/ea TYD.
  2. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED Berger 215 hybrids

    Purchased these 4 boxes a few months ago, decided to not try these. Quantity of four (4) 100 count boxes of berger .30 cal 215gr hybrids. Looking to cover my costs on these plus new shipping costs. Asking $315.00 shipped CONUS. I take PayPal F&F (discrete), Venmo, Zelle.
  3. C

    215 berger wtb wtt

    Long shot but looking for 215 bergers Also I’m in the Phoenix area and have hard to find magnum powders that I would make a trade for some 215 Berger’s Thanks
  4. BlazerBeam

    For trade: seekins Havak PH2 .300 win mag

    WOULD ALSO SELL: $1600 OBO. I have too many 30 and 338 cals and would like to see if I could trade this one for a 7mm caliber. This is a seekins Havak PH2 .300 win mag with a northwest precision brake timed by gunsmith. It is in perfect condition with right at 100 rounds through it. I have only...
  5. B

    215 Bergers in Bergara Premier HMR Pro 300 Win Mag

    I'm looking at getting a Bergara Premier HMR Pro in 300 Win Mag. I don't reload, but have a good friend that is going to help me get started and develop a load. Everything I've read points to the 215 Berger hybrid being a good all around bullet and would like to start with it. Looking for anyone...
  6. Goldy300

    Defiance 300 WinMag

    I am tossing around the idea of selling my Custom 300 WinMag. It is built on a Defiance Deviant Hunter. DLC'd bolt. Cerakote Elite Smoke. Proof 28" Carbon barrel with 1:9 twist with radial brake. Manner's EH-5 Carbon Stock bedded. American Precision Arms DBM. AICS CIP length 3.75 internal...
  7. Goldy300

    New 300 WinMag 215 Bergers

    So I recently finished building my 300 WinMag. It is Defiance Action, Manners stock, 28” Proof CF 1:9 twist barrel. I set out to do a load developement with 215 Bergers and found myself confused. Load = Hornady Brass, 215M primers, CBTO 2.95 .010 off the lands. It has custom throat. I started...