.204 ruger

  1. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Hornady .204 Ruger brass

    I have a bunch of 204 brass fired through a bolt gun available. I have 495 pieces that are once fired (145 of those have been cleaned, sized, and chamfer/deburr and are ready to load) I also have 130 pieces that have been fired twice. All of this brass has been stainless media tumbled, so you...
  2. BigBuck74

    SOLD/EXPIRED Ruger No.1 .204 unfired in box

    Asking $775.00 or B/O I am reducing my collection and here is another gem, an unfired in the box Ruger No.1 chambered in .204 Ruger. This is a coyote smoking little caliber. The rifle has a remarkable crisp light trigger, better than other one's I have had in the past. I have never fired the...