200 eld-x

  1. M

    338 Win Mag, IMR 445

    Hello Everyone, I'm working with my son-in-law to work up a load for a 338 Win Mag, with Hornady 200gr SST bullets. Naturally, finding the power you'd like can be challenging - but I do have an unopened 8lb container of IMR 4451, Challenge is - Neither Hogdon nor Hornady offer information on...
  2. trout004

    SOLD/EXPIRED Precision Reloading has some 7mm 162 ELD-X in stock

    I noticed that some of you were looking for some 7mm 162 ELD-x bullets. It looks like these guys have quite a few available. They also have some .308 200 ELD-x's in stock for the 30 cal. shooters. Prices look reasonable. I personally have never purchased from Precision Reloading, but wanted...