175 grain

  1. trout004

    SOLD/EXPIRED .284” 7mm 175 Eld-x

    Selling 482, all same lot 175 ELD-x. One box of 82, then 4 sealed and unopened. Can ship USPS priority mail. $225 shipped for the entire lot. I can do Paypal friends and family or USPS money order cleared. Thanks!
  2. K

    In need of new load data asap.

    Hello all, I shoot a Berger 175 Elite Hunter 7mm bullet and have been loading it with RL26 in ADG brass. But I have just found out that RL26 is not available at this time and no one can tell me when it will be available. plus I have a 10 day trip planned for next week and need some ammo to...
  3. elj1973

    Sendero sfii 7mm Rem mag eld-X 175 grain load help

    New to the forum and a fairly new to reloading. I have a Remington Sendero Sfii in 7mm Rem mag, with factory 26 in 1:9.25 twist barrel with O.A.L. Of 2.746 touching lands. Have read that this set-up will shoot the heavy pills (175-180's) quite well. So looking at loading up some 175 grain...