1. TriggerTime426

    First Elk hunt DIY Colorado public land highs and lows and success

    Me and a buddy set out for a public land DIY first ever elk hunt in Colorado for the second rifle season that I had been planning for about 2 years, and thought I would share the experience for others thinking about tackling something like this. We drove 16 hours from Iowa and went to unit 12. I...
  2. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 308 F-class Long Range target rifle

    I had this built to compete long range,1000 yards, divorced and moved, floater in right eye, so I can not compete any longer. Never did shoot it in a match, just worked up loads for it at 100 Yards. Stainless Steel heavy barrel,1-8 twist, made by Jerry Bleck, Aces Barrels, Mead, Washington...