1000 yards

  1. Blaster01

    Fierce Carbon Fury 300 PRC and Carbon Edge 28 Nosler. IMPRESSED!

    Pretty new to long range shooting and hand loading as well. Bought a Fierce carbon fury in 300 prc yesterday. Bought one box of factory ammo. 6 shots to get zeroed. A few more just to get some down the barrel and become familiar. And then 3 for 3 at 730 yards and 1 for 2 at 1000. This is my...
  2. P

    Spreadsheet to determine best long range hunting cartridge

    In case anyone else finds this (often debated) topic interesting: Ive been planning on setting up another long range capable rifle. With SO SO SO many caliber and cartridge choices available, it is difficult to evaluate which one has the most to offer. The following link is to a Google Sheet...