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    Reloading first time

    Rockchucker for first year, then dillion 550c. For a first class rig, probably about $1500 to $2000 for everything. Annealing, stainless pin tumbler, rockchucker plus dillion 550c, case gage, chamber gage, micrometer seating die, rcbs small base dies with taper crimp, bullet puller, micrometer...
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    Cleaning Tumbler and Pins

    Been using pins for long time. Wouldn't go back. Use dillion case media seperator, fill up with water and let hose or sink run into it, turn handle and pins fall into tub and are then are thoroughly washed in crystal clean water as are brass.
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    45 ACP on Brown Bear.????

    Glock 40, 10mm, 15 rounds. Alaskan guide holster
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    Best factory rifle?

    Sako 42? I would go sako, get a used one.
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    What guns would you like to see in a gun raffle?

    One if the new colt pythons. Sako anything, even used. Sig anything. Benelli anything. Would rather see fewer, but higher quality.
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    Looking for hunting land I put some land up here 3 years ago and had a lessee in a week. Check it out.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako 338 Lapua

    Not usually threaded.
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    Retumbo at midway

    Retumbo at midway. Got 2#.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako 338 Lapua

    I purchased one 4 months ago. There were 2 for sale on GB at the same time. Mine looks as new. The seller said it weighed 7# 14 Oz, didn't weigh myself, but that is crazy light for a 338. They come up frequently, but haven't seen one recently. I am watching for a 30-378 now. Been several 7mm...
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    Volquartsen 17 wsm

    The custom classic? Any history u have. Think 0f a price. Thanks Chip Sayers San Angelo, tx
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    Volquartsen 17 wsm

    Want to buy Volquartsen 17 wsm. Got one ur not using in the safe? Thanks Chip Sayers San Angelo, Tx
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    416 Rigby

    Me to! Check out ballistics on 416 remington.
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    338 Lapua

    Look for a sako trg-s m995 338 lapua, 7lb 14oz. Its the hunting version of the trg-42 338 lapua. Get sako quality for little more than a Savage 110. Mounting 34mm scopes require a recknagle rail. They come up and are an affordable lapua. I think guys are staying away from the powder burners...
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    Glock G40 MOS 10MM

    One of my favorites......