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    Carbon barrel protection?

    I don't use anything except proper care of my firearm. I have been fortunate with this so far. My rifle has been on numerous backpacking hunts as well taken to Alaska, Canada and Africa.
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    Alaskan Guide Rifle

    Thank you 257WTBY.
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    Best Controlled Feed Action???

    I just bought the ruger alskan in 375 ruger. I like it and I will be taking it to alaska in may.
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    Alaskan Guide Rifle

    I'm going to Cold Bay for Brown Bear in May. I bought a ruger hawkeye alaskan in .375 Ruger. Topped with a Leupold 2x10 HD5. Still figuring out what bullet I want to use but so far I'm lean towards 300 gn partition.
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    Sleeping in a hammock

    i agree with the posters above it doesn't really save any weight. My hammock setup weighs right in between my 1 man tent set up and 2 man tent setup. That being said i like using it. in steep terrain it easier to find a place to pitch it and i find it comfortable.
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    Quality Wool

    I buy my wool at Army surplus stores. It's very affordable. I primarily wea it when coyote hunting. I do wear merino wool base layers some times when backpack hunting and it works good. I think wool pants and jackets are a bit heavy for back packing. If I'm putting in a lot of miles I avoid...
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    Antelope rifle recommendation

    Out of the calibers you have it doesn't matter which one use all will work spectacular. However if it was me I would take the 6.5-284 because it has the longest point of aim and antelope tend to around a lot after some hunting pressure or when the rut starts so I would go that way.
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    Wyoming Lope Trespass Fee?

    You actually can get Wyoming private land access for a reasonable fee in premier areas. I know at least 1 "Easton Blue Chip" area you can draw with minimal points and get access to to great private ground for $900 or guided for less than $3000. Doe/fawn tags are also 100%. Sorry I didn't see...
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    How heavy are your packs and for how many days do you go out?

    My pack for 5 days comes in at about 45 lbs if I take mostly freeze dried food. I could do a little better because I always seem to have an extra butane bottle. Their are times when I minimized the freeze dried food though. I don't like to drop 2000 feet to get water supply and freeze dried food...
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    G7 BR2500 vs Sig 2400 Kilo

    Just returned from a black bear hunt in BC. Played with the killo 2400 every day. Seemed to constantly read 1400+ yards in clear cuts. Many times it didn't read further because tithe terrain was such that past the edge of the clear cut the distance was way to far to pick up a reading. Their were...
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    Stopped Running and Started Rucking

    Last evening i went for a 4 mile hike (2 miles each way) for dinner. I carried my 44 lb grand daughter standing in my back pack. It was was way harder than than carrying the the same weight of hunting gear because she moved around a lot. I woke up with sore mussels this morning that I haven't...
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    G7 BR2500 vs Sig 2400 Kilo

    Have you tired changing your battery?
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    G7 BR2500 vs Sig 2400 Kilo

    I have used both generations of the G7 rangefinder a lot and they are good rangefinders I just got a new Kilo 2400 and so far I like it a lot. I get the same decimal point reading over and over again beyond 2000 yards. to answer your question; yes they will both give a true yardage reading...
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    SIG KILO 2400

    When you say off by 90 -180 deg do you mean the reading in the rangefinder or on the AP?
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    What type of shelter do you use most often for backpack hunting during rifle season?

    Not so easy where I'm hunting mule deer. If I did that I would slide into the foot of the tent anyway. An old game trail on the side of a steep hill is the closest thing I can find to level many times. My favorite spot is an unleveled perch with a very steep 30 deg slope up and down hill from...

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