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    That's good to hear! Slow progress is much better than no progress. May the Lord continue healing in you and others here, praises to Him for the healing thus far!
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    Never to be repeated

    I noted that as I know a fellow or two that would not be happy with that group except for the day it was shot. Given time to think about it, they would not be pleased with it. I don't know Varmint Hunter, so I cannot speak for him and he may well improve upon it. As for me - I know myself well...
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    Do you keep OEM rifle boxes?

    There was once a fellow around here that would pay $ 20 for any rifle box. Maybe a little more for a Remington. He would mar serial number and caliber if necessary to sell used guns as new to unsuspecting/naive folks. Glad to be able to say I never sold him any. As for me, I try to keep the...
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    The PRC die "problem"

    Similar experience here w/ Bergara 300 prc & Hornady. With medium loading, I've got 20 that had been loaded 7 times without issue. Still firm hold on primer also.
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    Best Way to Sell Personal Build Rifle

    +1 - I agree, probably the best way to handle it.
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    Looking for a custom rifle maker - high quality

    McWhorter may still have a 7STW in stock. Not as much mention of them here as others, but I don't think anyone here will knock them either.
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    Reloading advice for .243 using IMR 4064 for 108gr ELD match

    I always went to H4350 in .243 once I got to a 90gr or above. I used lots of 4064 with 65-75gr bullets and it works well in that range. But I would say 4064 is too fast for that much bullet.
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    Never to be repeated

    Wow! Very impressive group - would be at 100-200, even more so at 416. Never say never, it would leave you no room for improvement.
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    CA Ridgeline vs Tikka T3x

    IMHO, which do you like the feel of best, comes in the caliber you want and doesn't stretch your budget? Both make some very accurate rifles and a few lemons based upon experiences here. I've only had 2 Tikka and no Christensens'. Both the Tikkas' shot very well, but I could not warm up to the...
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    Good road trip books

    Not sure about whether you could find them on Audible, but I have always enjoyed most of Peter Hathaway Capsticks' books. Death in the Long Grass is probably my favorite. If you like fishing tales, The Perfect Storm is excellent - far better than the movie. Lots of side technical info and notes...
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    Breakdown of my DREAM rifle (what is yours?)

    You're looking for the same gun I am! If I find one with half of those qualities, I'll make sure to let you know. 😀
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    330 dakota form dies

    I looked into this for a 7mm Dakota some time back and gave up. If you have several hundred now and do not load them too hot, they may outlast the barrel. One other option is RCC - Roberson Cartridge Company. They will make brass for anything. It comes at a price, but anything is better than...
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    Nosler or Bergara problems

    Glad to hear a conclusion was reached and a remedy found. Thanks for posting - LRH folks are always ready to help!
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    Bergara Wilderness HMR how to make it even better?

    IMHO, I'd see how it shoots before making any modifications. If it doesn't shoot - Bergara can be of assistance. Once you modify, you are on your own.