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    Best backpacker meals...and go....

    You guys and peanut butter. Bleck. We have used Quaker instant oatmeal, the packaged noodle dishes as they are WAY better than anything Mountain House has ever made and WAY cheaper, jerky, crackers, summer sausage, cheese in a can so it doesn't spoil in warm weather, home made trail mix w/ Chex...
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    Real Hunters?

    That's pretty sharp.
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    Real Hunters?

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    Real Hunters?

    I agree. Kill them when the opportunity presents itself.
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    Barrel shortening

    Minor correction: 100 year old rifle. We looked up the serial number - built in 1920. With the blow up image, can you see any goofiness on the end of the barrel where it was cut? I already did a ton of work on this gun - new trigger, ground off the floor plate so it can be closed empty...
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    Barrel shortening

    Tks all!
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    243 powder ? Which one from my inventory?

    4320 & Varget if you can find it.
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    My Boys Want a Lever Action

    I can understand their enthusiasm for lever guns. My boys inherited a Md 94 in 30-30 from their grandfather and it was the "John Wayne gun" immediately. It is probably what led my youngest son to become the ultimate gun nut. The oldest son has used his mother's Savage 99 in 308 (now his) to fill...
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    A hunt for four lifetimes

    Great story! Now it is up to my sons to get the hard hunts in. My dad is still alive but at nearly 91 years old his hunting days are over. My own hard core hunting is nearing an end as 2 knee surgeries have left me wanting. Seems I may go to my grave w/o ever bagging that elusive bull (or elk of...
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    Best ultralight tent (with floor)

    Marmot. The one we have isn't an all season tent, but in this image we were camped at 11,000 feet.
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    Barrel shortening

    This is a Model 1917 originally chambered in 30-06. Yes, I agree it is probably not worth the cost of a new barrel. We are thinking about a project rifle with some derivative of the '06; 6.5-06 AI, 30-06 AI, 280 AI, 338-06, etc. Which would you recommend?
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    Barrel shortening

    Iron sights are gone. Scope is all there is now. Me thinks the barrel shortening is the problem. I did too many things at once; finishing, re-bluing, scope mounting, blah, blah, blah. I may have the barrel cut again by a different smithy and see if that fixes it. If not, a new barrel is the...
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    Barrel shortening

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    Barrel shortening

    After 2 more trips to Africa and back, I finally got around to working on this gun again. I checked the mounts, they were tight. I put a different scope on it and put some different rounds through it. The best I got was a 5" group. The others are still casting about all over the paper. I think...
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    308 win still worth having

    Anyone following me for any time will know I talk up our old Savage 99 in 308. If we'd a put a notch in the stock for every deer it has killed, we'd have no stock left. I wouldn't try an 800 yard shot with it, but anything under 300 yards is going to be dead. With proper optics and some good...