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    Case trimmers

    Hi mate, I use and highly recommend the Frankfort Arsenal Platinum electric case prep centre, comes with all the gear to do cases up to 50 cal, is fast and has micro adjustment for case length, inside and outside chamfer and primer pocket cleaner. I do around 2 thousand 223 cases a year, turning...
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    Feral Donkeys ln Australia

    Hi all, I have to agree with Aussie Steve, Donkey is good eating if you get the young mares, as with all “game” meats, the young females are the best to eat(except bloody emu, stringy crap at the best). I often go shooting on a few properties to cull Roos, Brumby’s, pigs, camels and the odd...
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    The big 7mm’s

    Hi CBH, my brother is local down there, and yes, I would be extremely interested in being able to purchase some Hammer Bullets, As to the Yunta problem, I also have rung the number for them and it has been disconnected, so I rang the Yunta police and they said there’s only four businesses...
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    The big 7mm’s

    I have found that BRT Shooters Supplies has Wilson die Blanks for a great price so will use them, A Big Boys Toystore in Yunta does not exist, l have a brother in Broken Hill and he goes tadelaide a lot and there’s only four businesses in Yunta( the net says its there). Thank you for your advice...
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    The big 7mm’s

    Hi CBH, I will see if I can find “Toys for Big Boys “& yes, I think it’s a great idea to get in touch with Bertram Brass, as regards to Simplex, I have spoken with them and I will need 3 pieces of fire formed brass to have the dies made, he also said that it would cost an “arm & a leg”. The...
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    The big 7mm’s

    Hi Jimbires, the information you sent me is the very stuff I have been looking for, living in Australia, it is a bit more difficult to find the right businesses in the USA, l don’t think you have any idea how much you have helped me, if I can help you with anything, (well almost) just yell out...
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    The big 7mm’s

    Hi Jimbires, thank you for the information, also where did you get your die’s from? I like the fact that they are not common and over here, no one has even heard of them, 300 win mag brass is very readily available (we are lucky to not have the shortages that are plaguing the USA). I have a...
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    The big 7mm’s

    Hi all, I am after some information regarding the 7mm Mashburn Super Magnum, and how does it stack up against the 7STW and the 7 Remington Magnum, 7Rum. I know there is a lot of conjecture about the 7Rum V’s 7STW, l look forward to your responses Regards 🐢
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    7mmSTW vs 7mm remington ultra mag

    Hi Dogz, not to hyjack the thread, but, how do you find the Mashburn Super, l am in the process of building one, using a Defiance Deviant Tactical Action, 1:8 Maddco barrel etc, & how does it compare to the stw? Thanks in advance, Graham.
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    I’m new here

    Welcome from North Queensland, Australia, you will find a wealth of information and knowledge from this site, Graham.
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    Thank you for the add. I am a new reloader and long time hunter.

    Welcome from North Queensland, Australia, l have found this site is the best “bank” of information on Lr shooting and every thing to do with it,
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    Case prep center

    I have the Frankfort Arsenal Platinum Case prep centre, in my view, it’s the best value for money centre as it measures from the shoulder and has a mic adjustment and comes complete for every caliber from 17 to almost 50. Easy to set up and use but it is American power setup, l am in Australia...
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    Custom Rifle Cartridge Choice

    7mm Mashburn Super Magnum, l am building it at the moment, but mine will be a lot heavier, Defiance Deviant Tactical Action, 30” bull barrel, Burdekin Plum timber stock etc. Best of luck with your endeavour, sounds like fun.
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    Len's Seven Backcountry Adventures in 2020

    Absolutely stunning photos, thanks Len, I am now able to see your beautiful country from a different view other than postcards and documentaries, makes me want to travel and see it when covid is over. I look forward to seeing more of your photos. Regards Graham.
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    7mm Mashburn Super Magnum Drawings

    Thank you for explaining it so clearly, we have the same problem with bureaucrats here, not quite as bad yet (I think) I have found about 4 different drawings for the 7mm MSM, l have been informed that JGS has an original set of drawings for the cartridge, l am not sure if they have more than...