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    Newbie from Iowa

    Welcome from a fellow Iowan
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    Leica hd-b 2200 or sig 2400abs

    I hope that is not the case. I specifically asked the salesman that same question as to whether sig was coming out with new rangefinder’s and if that is why they were on sale. He told me that Sig was not coming out with new rangefinder’s.
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    Leica hd-b 2200 or sig 2400abs

    Thanks for the feedback. Did search Leica, but did not find 2200 specifically. I Bought the Sig 2400 ABS today for $900 at Euro Optics
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    Leica hd-b 2200 or sig 2400abs

    Hope I put this in the right section to get feedback
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    Leica hd-b 2200 or sig 2400abs

    Both of these units are on sale at Euro optics. Not sure which to buy. I am familiar with how the Sig 2400 works, but like the idea of rangefinder binoculars. The binos are $1100 more than the Sig 2400 Any feedback on the Leicas and which to choose would be appreciated.
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    257 __________ ? name this wildcat

    11 pages on what to name a caliber?
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    Preference points

    Buying for the child. Want to build up preference points for him so he will be able to hunt prime areas that require a lot of points to gain access to.
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    Preference points

    If you have a child that will be hunting in about 15 years, what states would you buy preference points in? Also, would like recommendations on the best units to hunt that would require a lot of preference points.
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    Daughters first bull

    Congratulations to you and your daughter!
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    Mountain rifle - build or buy?

    If I did not already have a custom-built rifle, I would look at the Christianson Arms Ridgeline model.
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    Do you see the monster whitetail?

    I think I see him just off to the left!
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    Didn't sleep

    What bullet?

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