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    Killing Elk out to 1000 yards with a 300 WM

    Yes it was. I'm getting 3060 fps with 76.7 gr H1000. I'm optimized for bullet seating with the way the throat was reamed by Travis and this is why I get such great velocity.
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    Bryan Litz; a Patriot!

    As a veteran I'd like to personally thank Bryan Litz for being a great patriot! As per Kevin Owens, Green Beret ret. and former project manager for the military's new sniper rifle the MK22 MRAD, Bryan Litz, on his own dime with nothing personal to gain, volunteered and travelled to Texas to...
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    6MM ARC Build

    Thank you
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    6MM ARC Build

    Thank you, I'll take a look there.
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    6MM ARC Build

    I'm looking to build a 6MM ARC Upper. Having a bit of difficulty finding a 22" barrel. I would prefer a fluted steel barrel for this. Anyone have any ideas or recommendations? Also has anyone had some experience loading this round for an AR with the 85 - 110 gr bullets?
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    Hard to believe part 2 the answer

    Sounds like a Leupold commercial. "All you have to do is range it, dial it, and shoot it."
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    Hard to believe

    Absolutely. Can't wait to hear it...
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    Hard to believe

    I hunt at longer ranges. My farthest kill has been a cow elk this year at 859 yards with a 300 WM and a 215 Berger at 3060 fps. I have found that people I talk to that know I shoot long range will sometimes brag about killing something at distance and ti usually goes something like this: " I...
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    Hard to believe

    Tell him to make a video and put it on youtube. I don't even care if it's a calm day. If he can make consistent hits on P-dogs at 850 with an AR he's my hero!!!
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    New build - 6.5-06AI

    Thank you everyone for your valued input. It's what I value most on this forum. After talking with my smith and Rich at Sherman Custom Cartridges I've decided to go with the 6.5 Sherman instead of the 6.5-06 AI. Performance is similar with the Sherman getting about 100 fps more. The primary...
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    How do You Practice getting consistent cheek weld without putting excessive pressure on the rifle ?

    I practice at home or at the bench by touching the point of my chin to the top of the stock and sliding my face down. I do with eyes closed after aligning on the tgt and then when in position can open eyes and see if I moved the POA too much.
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    6.5 Sherman Whidden die set plus brass

    Thanks Jared, looking forward to receiving the dies next week.
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    6.5 Sherman Whidden die set plus brass

    I replied to your PM, thank you.
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    6.5 Sherman Whidden die set plus brass

    Would you take $200 for the dies only? Venmo
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    809 yards Oklahoma Whitetail

    Good luck on that buddy. Nothing I love better than hunting elk!