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    Hill Country .280AI for sale

    would like to visit with you about this rifle a;s I am looking. Call oir text 662820zero one seven zero. Thanks, Tra
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    - price drop

    If still for sale, give me a text. 662820zero one seven zero Thanks, Tra
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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS Accurate Ordnance 280 Ackley Improved

    lets talk or text 662 820zero one seven zero. Thanks, Tra
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    Weatherby MKV 7mm Weatherby Mag

    what is the final price drop?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED ANOTHER PRICE DROP! MOA Rifles Evolution Long Range Hunter 6.5-284

    How can I reach you, I live in Miss and would like to talk re: the rifle. text 662820zero one seven zero. thanks,,Tra
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    Wtt Barrett 98B 338 Lapua FDE

    Sorry about that, I did see that you are looking for a trade after I posted. Looks like a great build.
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    Wtt Barrett 98B 338 Lapua FDE

    What is the priced?
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    send photos please. Interested
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Tikka T3 Sporter Left Hand

    Hi, Could you send photos please?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 SnipeTac/Big Baer

    Is this still available and what is price for rifle and scope.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED custom 257 weatherby FS

    I am interested in talking with you about your rifle.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED NIB Weatherby Lazerguard .300 Weatherby

    I am interested in buying.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 XCR 300 RUM Price reduced

    Does the scope come with the sale?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 300WBY (Howard Wolfe) Quick sale!!!!

    Is this still available?

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