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    Why no talk about Shilen Barrels?

    Ive got two, both are SHOOTERS! Will continue to use them without a doubt. Very nice to hear they support the community as well.
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    We supposedly hit 30 below last year in CO. Just brutal. Ecws sleeping bag was good, but lord Ive never held a **** so long in my life.😉
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    50 caliber muzzleloader bullets

    80gr of T7 and XTPs accounted for trucks and trucks and trucks worth of deer for me. Was an moa or less load at all times. Went on an antelope hunt and switched up to 200gr sst and BH209. Was a more accurate load at 200yds. Best of luck.
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    Lapua 6.5 grendel brass

    Sorry, sold this am.
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    Lapua 6.5 grendel brass

    Pm sent
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    Lapua 6.5 grendel brass

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    Lapua 6.5 grendel brass

    100 pcs of new Lapua 6.5 grendel brass. $115 shipped Thanks
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    Should I add 338 to my hunting rifles?

    Sorry, no info on the 33 Nosler, but imho RUM is never the wrong answer. (This applies in several contexts) 😉
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    Wife bought me a TC Encore

    Love mine as well. Might need to dig her and a few barrels out sometime soon. TC/xtps, and 80grs of T7 have accounted for more deer over the years than im able to count. One moa or less all day long. I will say I switched to BH209 and sst's for an antelope hunt because she grouped better at 200...
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    Euro mounts

    Forgot to mention arm and hammer soda wash. Supposed to be a homebrew substitute for something the taxidermists use called sal soda. Cut down my boil time by half. Just need to be careful not to leave in too long as it supposedly leaches the Ca from the bone, which can make it brittle. Again...
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    Euro mounts

    Agree with those above. Stained antlers almost always look terrible imho. Yours look great, well done!
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    Cleaning dies ???

    Ive got a fine wire wheel for the buffer. It has cleaned up many a die over the years. Fast and easy. By fine, i mean you can put your finger up against it for a sec without issue. Good luck.
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    Accubond bullets

    Thanks Jimbo, I was wondering if anyone else had any issues with stock from SPS. I had a few 180gr 30 cals snap off this year. Just my bad luck i guess.
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    G7 BR2 NIB Rangefinder

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    Hodgdons CFE 223

    My go to for the grendel pistol. Good speed. Good accuracy.