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    308 win still worth having

    Agree with everyone currently have three 308 rifles Remington VS ,VLS and a AACSD I been re working. Also have several sendero rifles in various calibers even one 270 sendero but we wear them 308s out on everything
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    Cow Elk hunting out of unit 76 in Montpelier,Idaho

    Don’t have a lot of advice going on my first elk hunting trip to Colorado this fall myself but have a great hunt and that country should be awesome
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    28 Nosler

    I keep it in mind thanks and that’s a really nice rifle
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    28 Nosler

    That’s a nice rifle but unfortunately out of my price range at the moment
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    Shot group question

    I think cheek weld and practice, I know I have to really watch this when i shoot at distance,and just a thought I don’t shoot light weight rifles nearly as good as heavy ones which I have done most of my shooting with
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    Kit Carson Colorado Rendezvous Pics

    Thanks looks awesome
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    7mmSTW vs 7mm remington ultra mag

    Is there any changes in barrel life pushing a fast hammer hunter out of a big 7
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    7mmSTW vs 7mm remington ultra mag

    I picked up a 2nd gen sendero back in the winter and put a leupold vx6hd on it shot it for the first time yesterday.zeroed it with Remington 150 scirocco bullets I really liked it and last group at a hundred was one ragged hole
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    I’m new here

    Welcome from middle Tennessee
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Custom 308

    Good deal he called said he bought it and this is good I get to shoot it without buying it
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Custom 308

    Thanks his name is Seth Webb
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 700 Custom 308

    I have a buddy of mine that’s interested in the 308 if you could send me some contact info for him to get in touch with you thanks