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    New format thoughts

    I hate it!!
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    Ready for duck season!

    No but we had less rain. I hunt the rivers. When it rains hard the ducks go to the fields. We have an early youth hunt in September which usually has low numbers. However, the past 2 years has seen lots of birds. Over all we have seen more birds the past 2 years.
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    Ready for duck season!

    We have had one of our better seasons up here in Oregon. Must not have migrated as far this year.
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    Oregon Coyote Hunting partners

    Yes, and over that rim down to the Hog Back road. Also around Juniper Mountain. There are dogs all over that country.
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    elk populatios

    I agree that private land owners should be able to do what they want with their property. I’m a huge believer in private property rights! However, if a private property owner is getting a tax break on timber or farm property, and charging people money to hunt state owned wildlife, they should...
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    Question...Need Reviews in the Bushnell Forge scopes.

    I bought one for my .22. My son liked it so much he put it on his 6.5 creedmore. (He had a leupold Mark 4 on it before the trade) It has excellent optics, and the box test was spot on. Side to side clarity is excellent. The eye box gets a little tight on 18 power. But not too bad. Didn’t have...
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    Help with stiffening a stock

    Mmmm try 1/2 of a viagra. If that doesn’t work use duct tape and popcicle sticks. ;)
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    Coyotes and wild dogs.

    I’ve killed pigs & cows with a 22. Never had to shoot one twice. It is easier to hit the kill spot if you can shoot them from behind. Hard to beat a .22 in town for noise. A .22 mag is quite a step up. Also louder.
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    5,000 fps coyote rifle?

    Lol 22 Sherman?? :)
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    Daughters first elk- it's not supposed to be like this...

    These are my favorite posts. Good job Dad. Take your child hunting and you will never have to hunt for your child. It doesn’t get any better than that.
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    Chamber a 6.5prc to 6.5saum or 6.5wsm?

    The 6.5 Sherman will clean it up. You will have to set the threads back cause the Sherman is shorter.
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    A reminder about primers....

    I never believed the primer made much difference. I had a 300WM built and the smith shot 2 shots that were touching. I have always used CCI 250 so I matched his loads (h1000) with the 250’s and shot about a 2” group. Changed powders and was shooting in the .3 & .4. Went back to the H1000 same 2”...
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    460 S&W Magnum might have too much velocity. See Picture...

    Wow what the heck you using? A vollyball at 3100 fps? ;)
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    Ready for duck season!

    This was one of our sunsets. My son took this picture, turned to me and said “this is my favorite place in the world.” It doesn’t get any better than that.