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    Pronghorn Outfitters - Wyoming

    Look in the SCI and BC record book for the answer to what your missing. Not naming names.
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    Iam guessing that sold out faster than someone yelling “free beer for the next hour” at a bar.
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    Suggestions for a good elk hunting boot

    Kenetrek mountain extreme. 400g. The regular D width are a bit narrow depending on your foot. Once well broken in, probably one of the best boots in cold- teens/20s - very good boot with a pack on and some weight.
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    Wyoming deer help

    Apply for the good units ( in the special, better odds) spend the money you get it back if you do not draw. Do this until you have some points Chances are decent you will hit a good tag before you get to any of guaranteed good tags In the draw which take a decades worth or more. The Wyoming...
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    Wyoming deer help

    Western hunting is not a I want to do It now thing anymore ( unless you can fork over big cash for landowner tags ) Wyoming does have decent tags in the random draw. I think Region G is like 10 percent in special, it’s getting better from bad 16/17 winter. . You have to build points while...
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    Advice on wyoming unit

    Yes, if you put in for 66 you should be able to find a 15inch/ mid/high 70s buck with some looking.
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    VLDs Don’t Fit in Ammo Case

    I was just visualizing what an impressive cartridge that must be !! 338/416 Rigby improved with a 323 CNC bullet....Awesome.
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    Christensen Arms Summit TI/TH with Kahles k624i scope

    If I was right handed I would be all over this thing for 4K w scope
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    Pronghorn Outfitters - Wyoming

    pronghorn guide service hands down in Wyoming. I have hunted with them twice once in AZ and this year in New Mexico. Absolutely the best antelope judging crew there is, Just look at the record books. My Az antelope went 92 2/8 BC and 93 SCI in 2016, on a draw tag not statewide. Dave Brown one...
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    Antelope hunt

    One point...Well your best bet is to apply and hope for a random tag until you have four points or so. I believe 4/5 will get you 73 or 48 which are ok but lots of tags, big antelope can be found anywhere if you have time and know what your looking at. Swing for the fences and hope you get a...
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    Antelope hunt

    Pronghorn Guide Service Hands Down, Dave Brown, Tony and Eli Grimmett. They kill 90s or close to it every year in Wyoming. I know Of one Dave’s client killed a 90 Plus this year.
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    156gr Berger EOL Elite Hunter Reviews

    I would not recommend using that bullet. I have no experience with that caliber and weight of Berger but I have shot 6 animals (Not a mature bull elk) with 7mm 195 grain moving at 3100 fps and there is no way I would use it on elk. There was maybe 40/50 grains of bullet left after recovery of...
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    I drew Arizona antelope unit 3A, now what?

    White Mountain Meat Packing in Show Low. I used them last fall, did a great job with an elk last fall for me. Call them and ask
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    Wyoming unit 102 mule deer advice

    Got lucky and drew a almost max point unit 102 mule deer tag in Wyoming. I plan on hunting the begging of bow season sept 1 —since I have antelope tag already right before the season starts for bow— for a few days and returning in mid October with my rifle (most likely) if needed. I have been...
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    Bullet for .375 H&H Moose/Grizzly

    260 grain Accubond, Swift A Frame a Partition.