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    809 yards Oklahoma Whitetail

    Great shot. Nice looking buck. Congrats
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    Forester coax or MEC

    I have used several presses and when it became time to replace I bought a MEC and have never looked back. I have reloaded for 50 years and imho its one of the best for concentricity and ease of use. So what if it is a single stage, well built and so smoooooth, keep it clean and it will last for...
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    Powder Suggestions and Misc Questions

    Give varget a try. Ram shot tec is also good and a little easier to find.
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    Xbolt max

    Give Mcarbo, out of Florida a call or check out video on putting a new trigger spring in. I put their spring in my HCLR 300 win and made huge difference in accuracy for less than $20 shipped. I can shoot eld x 212gr with RL26 and stack 3 shot easily under and inch. 75gr of rl26 3000 fps. Worth...
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    H1000, retumbo, N570, rl 26, magnum powders

    n565 is available on the powder valley web sight now.
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    Favorite powder for 300 win?

    I use 76gr. of RL26 with barnes 180 ttsx in Browning Long range 300 win mag. One with 1-8 and other 1-10 twist 26" bbls. The 1-10 runs about 3150 after break-in and 1-8 is running about the same and is still speeding up during break-in. Sighted in for 300 yds.
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    Sitka fanatic

    Take a look at Randy Newberg clothing bag dump. He gives good ideas and reason for wearing what he does, for the different situations.
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    Recommend me an Insulated Vest similar to...

    Take a look at the Jet Stream by Sitka has the windstopper nice piece to have.
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    Kifaru Gun Bearer

    I bought the universal model for my Eberlestock X2 long works fine.
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    Montana Elk hunt info

    I am wondering if anyone has any info on Ford Creek Ranch Outfitters out of Augusta, Montana. Outfitters name is Travis Barker. thinking of hunting Nov. 18 thru 23rd of 2019. Hunt units are 422 and 424. Any info would be helpful. Thanks
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    Barnes Bullet Bore staining

    That is correct, there was no blue. I just got finished cleaning the guns, finally. I used wipeout patchout and the accelerator and a nylon bore brush. I am with the understanding that if you used gilded bullets and then go to all copper like Barnes you need to make sure your bore is absolutely...
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    Barnes Bullet Bore staining

    This is my first post to this forum. Great info, and a lot of people with a lot of helpful info. I having been loading some Barnes tsx and ttsx bullets for. my 300 win mag. these bullets shoot very well out of my 300. The issue is cleaning the gun after a day at the range. When I was cleaning...
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    300 win mag effective range

    The Leupold vx 5 hd has 75 Moa effective 37.5 each direction. the reason I ask is that at my range we have a 1000 yd and would like to shoot targets at that range and under. really didn't want to go to a 20 Moa rail as I will hunt at reasonable distances also. Thanks for the replies and didn't...
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    300 win mag effective range

    Iam new to this forum, I was wondering what the effective range of my 300 win mag, hells canyon x bolt long range would be with 200 ELD, VX 5 HD ON A 0 Moa rail with medium mounts roughly 1.75 centerline.