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    What caliber for a suppresed short barrel lightweight build

    .308 I did a short barrel 7-08 custom could not make it shoot
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    308 win still worth having

    Still shoot mine at least 5 shots every week
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    AMP Press

    Had to spend my reloading money on a new tractor so my up grades have to wait
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    AMP Press

    Very nice set up
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    Quality of Nosler Brass

    There is better manufactures of brass
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    Called a cat in.

    Especially hard on quail in our part of the world we kill em
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    Talk to me about Barrel Tuners

    I was working on a 260ackley got it to .36 ordered an EC tuner brake dialed that load to .25
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    Talk to me about Barrel Tuners

    No it shouldn’t make a difference on the perfect load The guys at the Houston warehouse didn’t use tuners
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    Talk to me about Barrel Tuners

    Got EC tuner brake tightened up from .36 to .25 moa at 100 yard I stop there for now
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    Expected 22 LR accuracy 🤷‍♂️

    5 at 100 number 5 is the high and left Cci target ammo CZ 457 First group shot
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    AMP Mark II Annealer Review

    Was using salt bath till a good friend bought an Amp
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    When is enough, enough.....

    Been loading since 1985 for factory rifles after chasing the reloading equipment for a few years I went to chasing custom barrels on factory actions after a few barrels I went to custom rifles I reckon my point you can’t expect small groups by just reloading ammo you have to look at everything...
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    Can you guess what caused this failure?

    I’m going with loose nut behind the trigger theory