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    Young Man Bags 2 Idaho Wolves

    I just saw that one last night. Good for him!
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    300 WM Rifle Recommendations

    I have no complaints about my Savage Bear Hunter in 300WM. I am using it for pretty much the same thing you are looking to do.
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    Colorado Elk OTC DIY??

    Pick out a couple of units you like as far as population, terrain whatever your needs are and post up an add on Craigslist in the largest town in that unit. You will get some responses for sure. I would also recommend you contact the CO in that unit and he can also assist. They are great...
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    what rings do you use?

    I have a Nightforce NXS on it and honestly I wouldnt go any shorter. Its seems about perfect really. I called a tech support guy from the place I got them and thats what they had recommended.
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    what rings do you use?

    I have Seekins Medium rings on my Savage. So far all good.
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    Coyote hunting tips

    Try not to expose yourself when going into a calling location. Use the terrain as much as you can and assume they are looking for you as you come in. Dont silhouette yourself ever. Learned that hunting the more open areas in the west. You might set up right next to them if your quiet coming...
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    buying savage ladyhunter for wife...308 or 7mm-08 (not long range)

    I too would go with the CM. Its a very good round more than capable for handling deer and black bears.
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    How light is too light...pros n cons??

    One thing I will add that I noticed on my rig which comes in right around 10 pounds and is a 300 win mag is that recoil with the brake is not an issue. I can shoot it all day if I want. If I am solo hunting what is an issue is that even at 10 pounds I barely cant see my hits as there is just a...
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    right choke for duck hunting

    Justinc68, just so you know PatterMaster and Wad Wizzards are not designed to offer a better pattern on paper. They will look just like any other choke system. However they are designed to shorten the shot string so that more pellets arrive on target at the same time where most chokes are...
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    Help me find out about this scope- history of

    Bull barrel 22-250, I would go with the more magnification to get the most out of that barrel. I typically run a shotgun with Turkey loads for up close calling but for reaching out there a bit you will enjoy the precision of more magnification especially on smaller targets. If you get a lot of...
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    What gun and scope combo for $2500?!?

    I have the Savage Bear Hunter in 300 win mag. Bought it online for just over $700. Bought a used NXS for $1250. Seekins Rings, EGW HD base, scope level, tactical bolt handle, padded check rest and Harris Bipod. I am right under your $2500 with a rifle to do everything you were asking for...
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    Savage 111 with factory muzzle break

    I guess they are removable but it is a different thread than normal so you need to be careful and either make a collar or something else if you want to put a can on it. Like the LRH you can twist the brake on or off as well so if you dont want the extra noise you can just turn off the brake.
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    Savage 111 with factory muzzle break

    Bear Hunter has it as well. I have the bear hunter and love it. That brake drops the recoil of a 300 win mag very well. I can shoot it all day long. You can do what you want to them as far as mods. I changed out the bolt handle to one more tactical which was a huge improvement. I added a...
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    Your Closest Archery Big Game Kill

    Black Bear 6 yards. First bow kill bear. I went another 10 yards after the shot and turned around to look at what just happened. It than tipped over and death moaned.
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    Best $1500 Hunting Rifle

    After my experience with my Savage Bear Hunter I will without hesitation buy another Savage.

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