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    Need help: .22-250 load development in minimum shots fired

    I shoot 55 Gr V-Max on top of 38.5 Gr H380, really accurate load and knocks coyotes out cold, start your load at approx 35.0 grains and work up.
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    how to make them come out at day ?

    Set up a feeder and set it to go off at whatever time you want to hunt, then don’t hunt it for 2 weeks or so, that way they will come out and feed eventually, and get comfortable knowing that nobody is arround. Then set up on them and have fun
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    Our Next Generation of Shooters

    Nice starter collection!
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    300 RUM with RL33 and RL26

    Try H1000 low 90’s with Berger 210 gr VLD. Awesome combination!
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    Behind enemy lines in CA. Need to escape. Need help

    Texas isn’t gone yet, if anything, we need more good old Reagan Conservatives moving here so we can prop up our side more. We aren’t giving up on Texas, Beto is done, time to move on!
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    which bedding compound?

    Aces glass with Aluminum pillers
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    .300 Norma or .300 RUM (can’t decide!!!) What

    I’m a RUM Man all the way but there is another cartridge on the playground you may want to consider; .300 PRC designed to shoot specifically 225 to 240 grain bullets, with less recoil than the win mag and the RUM, I recently saw a video of a 1.5 mile test, and it was dead solid !
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    My Rem 700 FIRED on Bolt Closing!!

    Need to increase sear engagement, this shouldn’t happen again, if it does contact the company that made the trigger and have them replace it. After you reset the seat engagement test with the gun empty.
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    Reloading equipment question

    If money is a concern look on line for deals on used equipment, some gunships now carry used loaders at a reduced price, buy one item , save more money then buy another and in no time you will be up and running. This way you can think about your next item, do research on what your preference...
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    Primer pockets?

    After 10 loadings I think I would toss them.

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