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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT Rem700 ADL 30-06 for Rem700 .308

    The gun is in good condition few scratches on bottom of stock above the trigger guard with original scope a few dings nothing that affects accuracy great rifle
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    Shooting 500+ yards

    well i under stand that a .308 wouldnt be a good gun for that but when i say shooting a mile i mean with a gun with toughs capabilities like .338, .50 BMG, .408.... I am joining in less than 1.5 years i have a problem with my schooling that i must take care of
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    Shooting 500+ yards

    Hello my name is Justice I currently have a 30-06 R700gun) i am getting the CZ .308 sniper riflegun). I have seen the Drop Charts up to 500 yards but no higher than that. My goal is to be able to hit a human sized target at 1 mile (1760yards). i am trying to become accurate for USMC all i want...