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    Why am i shooting to the left

    Just curious... and I apologize for just skimming thru 9 pages... Do you shoot with both eyes open or one eye closed... consistently? Just wondering if at longer range a person starting a session with both eyes open while getting dialed in and then beginning to close the off eye as they began...
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    Is the 243 the best whitetail deer cartridge?

    I to have taken up the Creed and it hasn't disappointed me... at least not when it comes to whitetails. Now about that man bun... is it really required anymore?
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    Opening Day Deer Rifle in Kentucky

    Some serious knock down power right there.
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    Opening Day Deer Rifle in Kentucky

    Small world. Brother uses same place to process his beef. It's a packed house on opening day! Lot of nice deer around there and your not the only one comes down from Ohio to enjoy the hunting down here! lol...
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    Opening Day Deer Rifle in Kentucky

    Congrats from Scott County. I have family in Bracken Co. on Rt.10
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    Bagged my first antelope

    Congrats! That's a nice doe! What setup did you use to bring her down?
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    FedEx Deliverers Extra Surprise

    My drive is 1800 ft up a gravel drive. Knock on wood I haven't had any problems with USPS, UPS, Fedex or Amazon tearing up the yard despite a tight turn around by the house. On the other hand I had a ruptured appendix just before Christmas a few years ago and the ambulance driver ran off the...
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    Need to Buy a Nice Factory Rifle for a Fundraiser....Which one

    Something with name recognition and history will get more attention and more bidders... just look at how much money folks spend on those pretty cowboy remakes. I'm always hearing from one of my neighbors how he would like to own a Winchester or a Henry or a Remington... or maybe a Ruger or a...
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    Proud Dad!!

    That's a memory that will last a lifetime for both of you! Congrats!
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    I'm Done with a Bipod on My Hunting Gun

    I have yet to hunt with a bipod because it's really not practical with the short range shots offered in the woods of Kentucky coupled with the terrain. I did put one on my rifle though and have used it for prone target shooting and found it as comfortable as many other shooting positions -...
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    Got my squirrel rifle tuned up and ready.

    My father picked out and bought a Savage 24 for me on my 14th birthday. It's a 22LR/20ga over/under and by far my favorite gun. I shot over 30 ground hogs with it by the time I turned 16 and countless more in the all the years since... not to mention a good share of squirrels, rabbits and...