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    Hornady ELD-X Official Thread

    Anyone try the 143s in a 1-8.5 twist yet? Its on a 6.5x47L w/22" #3b bartein barrel
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    Finally got around to cleaning up some deer heads.....

    pretty cool board Matthews!! can you post up a pic of the mount you have attaching the skull to the board?
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    CO archery elk unit 12/13

    Yea I know... Still, I have 3 days to elk hunt. I'll be with others that'll already be up there. Theyre a couple of older crusty guys. Any idea about cell phone coverage out there?
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    CO archery elk unit 12/13

    Were coming from AZ, hunting 3 days, but at least I'll be out there- so Im happy!!! Anyone have experience with these units, such as Is there cell service? Any decent bow shops if I need some help w/my gear? Or best places to get food, bugs, bears, wolves, etc? Thx not looking for spots, were...
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    Leica Geovid HD B on a tripod

    Yes I use the geovid adapter from Outdoorsman in AZ. Better then the bungie cord system that others use
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    Remington bolt fluting & knobs

    Yes action will be trued. Someone mentioned stuffcan get stuck in the flutes and cause binding when cycling the bolt-
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    Remington bolt fluting & knobs

    Im building a creedmoor and wanting to have the bolt fluted... Are there any cons or things I should consider before sending it off? Im doing this purely for the esthetics. I was wanting to put an oversized bolt knob on it too but noticed after my last hint that my other rifle action kept...
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    I need help in Arizona.

    Check out Post there
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    Had to cancel my hunt - Spot open for big mule deer on the Eastern Plains of Colorado

    How much? Or is it free- if so I'll take it.
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    used NF NXS

    Still waiting for the PM
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    used NF NXS

    If you dont buy it, can u PM me the fone number? Thx!!!
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    Hunting w/leupold 8.5-25x50

    So do you have a hard time finding your target quickly or is the field of view wire enough?
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    Hunting w/leupold 8.5-25x50

    Anyone have good or bad experiences w/this scope for hunting? Long range has good magnification, but short range??? Im trying to convince myself its a good scope for my 6.5x47... Someone talk to me